Anti-disaster facilities

The building is made of reinforced concrete. It is earthquake and fire-resistant and equipped with the following anti-disaster facilities.

Fire-prevention zoning
Offices, work area and residential area on each floor as well as the staircases are sectioned off with steel doors to prevent fire from spreading.
Each room on all the floors is equipped with automatic fire-detectors.

Fire extinguishers and evacuation equipments
Fire extinguishers, guide lamps and evacuation equipments are installed.
Halon-type fire-extinguishing facility
Halon-type fire-extinguishing facility is installed in the mounting room on the second floor and in the storage. In case of emergency, an alarm will go off and gas will spurt out from the cylinder to extinguish fire. Since chemical reaction caused by oxygen will be controlled in this method, it can better extinguish fire than an extinguisher using carbon dioxide and is less harmful to humans. In addition, it will not affect the quality of the stored objects. For these reasons, it is frequently used in storages for works of art nowadays.

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