Features of the Mounting Room

Although making efforts to improve techniques in mounting is, without a doubt, essential, what we must always keep in mind as a pre-requisite is the safekeeping of objects, including measures against theft and fire. The most important issue facing us is how we can safely keep the works of art, which we have been entrusted with from our clients, during the time they are being mounted or restored with the highest level of technique and the most sincere spirit.

Our company is equipped with the latest security system and halon-type fire-extinguishing facility to protect works of art from theft and fire. The temperature and humidity of our mounting room, which is about 91m2, are automatically controlled. In addition, UV glass is used for the windows and non-UV light in the room in order to prevent fading of colors and to provide the most appropriate environment for the works of art. We are also prepared to meet all types of needs and are equipped with cranes and large working boards for handling large art objects.

Detailed care has been given in designing the mounting room so that works of art may be restored with the most advanced techniques in the most appropriate environment free from risks of theft and fire.

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